Email Marketing

Improve your company's brand awareness. Promote services, promotions, news and products to people who want to receive your messages. The newsletter is an email - for marketing purposes - sent to people who have pre-authorized its sending. Unlike advertising in general, where the public may not want to receive the message, the newsletter is sent only to people who have freely and spontaneously accepted to receive e-mails from a particular company. And because of that, it is one of the most effective online marketing tools. Through the newsletter, it is possible to strengthen the relationship with customers and prospects by sending emails with promotions, news, launches and whatever the company wants. The newsletter can be sporadic or punctual (monthly, for example). The important thing is that it is part of a well-developed online communication plan. The newsletter needs to catch the attention of your audience. And for that, it needs to have good content and a differentiated design. Vercan plans and carries out online marketing actions that include sending newsletters, and also creates the art for newsletters with objectives defined by your company's communication department.