Mobile Sites

Your company now has the opportunity to interact with your customer in all kinds of places. Whether at the mall, at the beach, at home or at work, all you need is a cell phone and that's it: your customer can interact with all kinds of content made available by your company through mobile apps or websites. Cell phone is not lacking. According to Anatel, there are now more cell phones than people in Brazil. There are about 200 million devices, and most of these cell phones can download applications or receive content in different ways. Your company needs to take advantage of this opportunity – and preferably, before your competitor. Creating a website or mobile application – both for Apple products and for cell phones in general – is one of the most important decisions that a marketing manager can make in order to position their brand as modern and that they want to be closer and closer to their customers. . Vercan develops Mobile Marketing solutions tailored to your company. From the creation of the idea for the mobile application or website, to the entire implementation, programming and development of systems: Vercan is full service and has experience in planning, creating and developing websites and Mobile applications. Put your company's application in the palm of your customer's hand. Get in touch with us and learn how Vercan can help your company get into mobile marketing once and for all.