VOIP Telephony

Cost reduction in PABX VOIP telephony for small and medium companies. Vercan understands that reducing the cost of telephony is currently one of the companies' priorities, given the competitive world of fixed and mobile telephony operators. Many companies make mistakes in the trajectory of reducing the cost of telephony and seek to cut lines and calls, but we have shown that it is possible to increase your number of lines, talk more and pay much less. With Vercan's solutions your company will achieve the desired results and the best, with quality in the services provided. How to get cost reduction in telephony? We have innovative providers of VoIP technology for telephony cost reduction. Reduction of telephony cost in DDD, DDI, fixed telephony, mobile telephony (Cellular) and 0800. Implementation of 0800, so that your customers talk to you for free, bringing the customer and company relationship even closer. We offer innovative technological solutions, where you can reduce your telephony cost by up to 40%.