Web development

Websites, virtual stores, systems and business solutions in your browser, tablet and mobile.

Systems Monitoring

Access your computer, camera or network from your office using simple names instead of complicated IP addresses.

Project management

Manage your projects efficiently with Vercan's Project Management solution.


One-to-one Relationship Marketing Concept, which allows interaction with the consumer, through monitoring mechanisms.


Integrated System for Sales of Products or Services and agile production, which allows a quick view of the company's business situation.

Mobile Sites

Your company now has the opportunity to interact with your customer in all kinds of places. Whether at the mall, at the beach, at home or at work, all you need is a cell phone and that's it.

Email Marketing

Improve your company's brand awareness. Promote services, promotions, news and products to people who want to receive your messages.

Virtual Stores

Brazil is expected to be the fourth largest market for this modality worldwide. This is the ideal time for your company to enter e-commerce.

Accessibility and Usability

Vercan amplifies the access power of a given service and improves its interaction with its user and customer.

SEO Website Optimization

It is a set of correct and coherent procedures during website development.

Web Management

It is possible to change the entire content of a website, manage content in real time, without the need for code programming.